The Problem

7,500 potential new drugs are discovered and researched in independent labs each year, and almost 2,500 will not be adequately researched to their potentials, and will fail for non-scientific reasons.

Most scientists discovering these potential new drugs lack easy access to the specific services and expertise needed to navigate the morass of regulatory, compliance, and managerial issues they face in getting these potential drugs to clinical trial stage.

Contract Research Organizations also face ongoing issues as regulations and governance constantly change; the number of players within the marketplace has grown by 400% over the last decade. Most spend over 30% of their revenue on business development and customer acquisition.

The Solution

RxFulcrum is an open online procurement tool designed specifically for pre-clinical biopharma services to increase collaboration and reduce friction in day-to-day operations.

It connects scientists discovering potential new drugs to the right contract research organizations and consultants ensuring the right data is shared faster and easier, and eliminating costly mistakes that cripple the progress of drug development.

It will be free to all users and create network effects that can save time, save money and save lives.

The Team

The Company’s Founders and Advisors have a history of success and are passionate about reducing the friction within the preclinical drug development marketplace, as this friction prevents hundreds of potentially life-enhancing drugs from moving forward to marketability.

Jeff Chemeres
  • Co-Founder of Empathica Inc.
  • Captured and consolidated millions of customer data points for multinational corporations
  • VP of Business Development at Onvia Inc. – ONVI on NASDAQ
  • MBA from Cornell University, HBA from Ivey School of Business
Edwin Gershom
  • Over 8 years of Clinical P&L and Operations leadership experience on both the Biotech and the CRO sides of the industry
  • Founder of the Canadian Biotech Network
  • Board Member at Network Immunology
  • PhD in Life Sciences from the University of British Columbia
Manhar Furtado
  • Senior Director, Technical Compliance, Cepheid, Inc.
  • Founder and President, Biology for Global Good
  • Former Board Member, DHHS National Biodefense Science Board
  • Over 30 scientific papers, co-holder 12 patents
  • PhD in Biochemistry from Poona University and Post Doc. From Northwestern University
Evan Steeg
  • Co-Founder and CEO of Molecular Mining Corporation
  • Co-Authored one of the very first DNA sequence analysis packages in 1981
  • Among the first to apply machine learning techniques to drug discovery.
  • PhD in Computer Science from University of Toronto and BSc from Cornell University
Ronald Goldfarb
  • Co-Founder, President, CEO and BOD Member for Sopherion Therapeutics
  • President, Director, CEO, Edward Brewster Chair and BOT Member, Trudeau Institute
  • Director, Institute for Cancer Research and Prof. & Chairman, Dept. of Molecular Biology & Immunology, University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • Deputy Director, Basic Research, U. Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and Prof. of Pathology
  • Manager, Cancer R&D and Drug Discovery, Dept. Immunology & Infectious Disease, Pfizer, Inc.
  • PhD in Microbiology & Immunology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
Fred Brown
  • Discovery, development and launch of 25 major pharmaceuticals, 6 vaccines and 13 diagnostic products
  • Led integration of healthcare M&A programs valued at over $100 Billion
  • MBA from Harvard and BSc in Biology, Geology from Tufts University
Luis Martin
  • Chief Executive Officer of PREVENT – Pan Provincial Vaccine Enterprise
  • Over 30 years in biotech drug discovery, development and launch
  • One of North America’s Key Opinion Leaders in vaccine development
  • PhD in Cell Biology from University or Waterloo, MSc in Cell Biology from University of Toronto
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